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My Bio

I started playing guitar when I was about eleven years old. I played OK, and was in rock bands in high school and college, then just played for fun. In the late 1980's I had a woodworking accident, and lost use of my left index finger due to nerve damage, and had to give up playing. By chance, in 1999 I met up with a plastic surgeon, who happened to be a hand specialist. He was able to repair the nerve damage, and a few months later I was (slowly) playing again.
Fast forward to Nazfest 05. I played an open mic, which was the first time I'd played in public since the 70's. Since them I've been hooked on playing, and currently play gigs about twice a month at local restaraunts and taverns.

My Occupation

Nurse Practitioner. I specialize in Gastroenterology, but also moonlight in the ER. Here's a picture of me with my mom, who at age 80 when this picture was taken was still a practicing RN. The young lady is my daughter, Jessica. At the time she was an ER technician. Now she's in medical school. They had a big write up about us in the hospital newspaper: three generations actively practicing at the same hospital.


My Hobbies

Guitar, swimming

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